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Welcome to my website, this website acts as a landing page to my online portfolio. Feel free to check out my about me page. For those looking for the new dragonbook website for school chromebooks, see below. This website is designed and developed by Andrew, all source code is owned and written by Andrew.

Please note: This website updates frequently, please clear your cache occasionally or if you're using a computer press Ctrl+Shift+R

My Projects

HackrClickrAny deviceOpen

Block CraftPC/Chromebooks onlyOpen

IP & Device InfoAny deviceOpen

Web Linux TerminalAny deviceOpen

DragonbookChromebooks onlyOpen

Music DatabaseAny deviceOpen

I build websites!

Want your very own website or know somebody that does? I help others with their projects for free, or you can click here to email me and we can discuss your project, ideas, and pricing and I will do all the work. Pay extra for a custom URL.

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