My Portfolio

Welcome to my website, this website acts as my online web-dev portfolio. Feel free to check out my about me page. I specialize in front end web development, but can also work backend. I am also very knowledgable in networking, network security, firebase, and have certificates in 12 different programming languages. I have several online projects you can demo, keep scrolling to view a short list of my favorites.

This site is hosted with the help of and uses to implement a realtime database. This site also uses the Prefix-Free CSS library and JQuery Library. All other source code is owned and written by Andrew.

My Projects

HackrClickrAny deviceOpen

Web Linux SimulatorAny deviceOpen

ChattableAny deviceOpen

U-R-GAYAny deviceOpen

Wannabe XPAny deviceOpen

Random ColorAny deviceOpen

DragonbookChromebooks onlyOpen

CSS Sci-Fi LoaderAny deviceOpen

I build websites!

Want your very own website or know somebody that does? I can offer help to others with their projects for free, alternatively, you can contact me via email and we can discuss your project, ideas, and pricing and I will do all the work.

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